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Regenepure DR contains Ketoconazole

Hair Loss in men and the Norwood scale

Hair Loss has multiple causes Many people wonder what causes hair loss. The causes of hair loss vary depending on various factors, including genetics (baldness or alopecia), illness (thyroid disease, lupus, auto immune diseases), and medication you may be taking. The causes of hair loss are also related to the lifestyle. For instance, factors such […]

Regenepure Hair Loss and Hair Growth Products

Minoxidil hair growth products and is there a comparison?

Choosing Minoxidil Treatment. When you’re deciding on treatment with minoxidil, you should keep certain things in mind: – Purity – The FDA has only approved pure minoxidil solutions for the treatment of hair loss or male or female pattern baldness. Cheap minoxidil products are blends that combine minoxidil with other binding ingredients, whereby making minoxidil not as […]

How celebrities are overcoming hair loss?

We have seen many actors and actresses of Hollywood overcome their hair loss. For many we do not know or there is no single place to put it all together to what they did to solve their hair loss problem. So we thought we create a post where we can put it all together and […]

treat hair loss issue with a tattoo

Tattoo to cover hair loss or simply a new style statement?

“It doesn’t look like you have a tattoo on your head,” he said. “It looks smooth and light, and it looks normal. It definitely looks like you got a short buzz haircut, not a shaved bald haircut but just like a short, short look.” The $4,000 procedure can help disguise thinning or receding areas, cover […]

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