Minoxidil hair growth products and is there a comparison?

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Choosing Treatment.

When you’re deciding on treatment with minoxidil, you should keep certain things in mind:

  1. – Purity – The FDA has only approved pure minoxidil solutions for the treatment of hair loss or male or female pattern baldness. Cheap minoxidil products are blends that combine minoxidil with other binding ingredients, whereby making minoxidil not as effective as suppose to be. These products do not meet FDA standards for treating androgenic alopecia.
  2. – Absorption – In order for minoxidil to act on the hair follicles, it must be absorbed by the skin. Some products unfortunately result in pure absorption, which can decrease effectiveness. Minoxidil sprays are superior to applicators
  3. – Ease of Use – Once you begin using minoxidil, you will need to continue use to maintain hair growth results. You want the minoxidil product that you choose to be easy enough for you to use so you will not discontinue treatment. Again in this sprays are more effective then foams.

To help you find the ideal minoxidil product for your needs, here is a quick guide to some of the products that are currently available on the market:

  • RegenePure Minoxidil 5% Precision Minoxidil Spray is a 100 percent pure minoxidil product and is currently the only FDA- approved spray-on minoxidil formula. The spray is applied directly to the scalp for a high rate of absorption, making it a very fast and convenient formula to use. The biggest drawback to the formula is carefully aiming the targeted applicator to ensure that you do not miss the designated area but this is easily overcome by taking your time when using the treatment.
  • – DS Laboratories Spectral DNC-N Topical Hair Loss Treatment is a spray-on formula. This simple to use formula delivers minoxidil directly to the scalp. It is important to note that despite the improvements that the manufacturer claims the treatment makes, Spectral DNC-N is not a pure form of minoxidil and therefore not FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss. While you may see results from using the formula, there is no guarantee that it will improve your symptoms.
  • – Rogaine 5% Hair Regrowth Treatment Foam is a very popular, high quality minoxidil product. As a foam, the treatment is quick and simple to apply, and it will not drip or run down your scalp. The absorption of Rogaine Foam is the biggest concern with the formula. The foam is applied to the hair and not directly to the scalp, risking the minoxidil not fully reaching the follicles.
  • – Rogaine 5% Hair Regrowth Treatment Dropper is one of the first minoxidil treatments to ever be sold, and it remains popular today. Applied directly to the scalp, the dropper solution promotes absorption, and the formula is pure and free of additives. The downside to the Rogaine Dropper is that application is time consuming and often messy.
  • – Private Label Preparations – Many chain stores sell their own generic forms of minoxidil. All of these products are largely the same. They are pure minoxidil preparations applied with a dropper directly to the skin to ensure absorption. They can be difficult to apply and may drip or cause messes. Many people use these types of products because they are usually very affordable. While they may be cost-effective solutions, it is important to note that because the actual manufacturers of these products are unknown, quality could be a concern. If you choose to use a private label product, select one offered by a retailer with a satisfaction guarantee policy on their products.

Credit goes to: Minoxidils.com

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