Hair Thinning and how to tackle thinning hair

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10 Things you can do to tackle hair thinning and find possible causes of your hair thinning.

Affecting almost all of us, some for a limited time and some end-up with hair loss. Because of the nature of such a common hair problem and also having so many causes attributed to it, hair thinning cause is often not pinpointed to just once source or cause. If one follow certain check points or go through a list, it often help to find some causes or factors to thinning of hair and remedying them often lead to stopping hair loss and even healthier hair.

Here is our list of things you should check and do if you are suffering from thinning of hair, hair fall, or dryness or lifeless hair.

  1. What is normal hair shedding: Normally one shed from 50 to 100 hair. Shedding is different as hair follicles are intact.
  2. Hormone or a hereditary cause of thinning of hair: Excess sex hormones causing baldness in both male and female. Yet permanent but hope is there with newer topical 2 for female and minoxidil 5  for men, which have shown hair growth in male pattern baldness.  When the cause is hormonal, treat your hair like your lover, gently and avoid harmful chemical containing hair products like SLS and or Parabens and silicon.
  3. It can be a disease, a medicine or simply what you are putting on your hair: Hair loss and hair thinning can be the result of an underlying medical condition or a drug you are using for a disease or simply a hair product containing hair damaging ingredients. Investigate thoroughly.
  4. Stress causes more stress: Stress both mental or physical can cause hair loss and or hair thinning. Always treat the cause of stress.
  5. Take care of your damaged hair: Always be sure of what you put on your hair is not harmful to them. Read the ingredients, no SLS, alcohols, silicon. Use products per your hair type and not just what your partner is using. Male and female hair are different so use shampoo and conditioner per that. Whenever possible go for all natural ingredients
  6. Use multi-vitamins and eat healthy: Many vitamins such as Biotin have hair growth benefits. Eat healthy and have a good physical routine. Stay in shape both physically and mentally . Make healthy lifestyle changes, sleep plenty, eat more protein, omega-3.
  7. Brush or Comb: Brushing pull more out especially on wet hair so comb, especially after applying shampoo. This will massage your scalp and disrupt stuck flakes from the scalp. Let the hair air dry rather then blower or hair dryer. Do not aggressively dry hair with towel rather pat gently with a soft towel.
  8. Massage your scalp with hair caring oils: Massaging scalp stimulate hair growth, unplug hair follicles.  Massage gently and not vigorously.  Argan oil, almond oil coconut oil and jojoba oil are said to promote hair growth
  9. Consider Hair Growth Treatments: Minoxidil, Ketoconazole, Biotin containing hair products can help stop hair loss and even help grow hair back. Always consult a professional.
  10. Always seek professional advice, see your physician and discuss causes and treatments for hair thinning. Never use products you are not sure about on already damaged hair.

Some of the products over the counter like shampoos, conditioners and multivitamins which can be used for hair thinning with much safety and good results.


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I am a medical professional with over 10 years of medical experience in the clinical chemistry and medicine. I have extensive knowledge about hair loss, its causes, and treatment options both medical and non-medical. My aim is to share my knowledge with those who are suffering from hair loss and present to them the information, which can help them tackle hair loss and overcome in most cases.

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