Hair Loss an overview

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It is a matter of great concern that one is losing their hair. Hair fall is indeed highly undesirable and depressing factor especially, if begins at adult age. Good and healthy hair adds beauty to your personality.

According to American Academy of Dermatology,

“Everyone sheds almost 75-100 strands everyday as a part of the regular hair growth and this hair fall increases up to 200-250 strands when hair is washed”.

Main Causes of Hair Loss:

There are several internal and external factors that can cause hair fall and baldness. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Stress and illness

Excessive tension or stress for anything is a primary reason, of hair loss. Secondly, one can lose hair after suffering from severe illness for about couple of months or after a major surgery.

  • Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases like lupus, diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer can be source of hair fall.

  • Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal changes especially in women cause hair fall. A woman often suffers from hair fall when her hormonal level fluctuates due to pregnancy and menopause.

  • Medicines and Drugs

There are certain drugs which can contribute to hair fall or even change in hair color. Chemotherapy drugs which are used in cancer treatment, cause hair fall. Birth control pills contain some chemicals which cause hair to fall.

  • Hair Products

Chemicals used for hair dying, tinting, straitening bleaching or permanent waves cause  damage to hair. If these chemicals are overused or used incorrectly, hair fall take place. Over-styling or excessive brushing/combing is also a reason of hair fall.

  • Vitamins and Minerals Deficiencies

Proper nutritious diet is a vital part, of healthy life. Lack of iron and vitamins plus other minerals can results in hair fall.

  • Parental Inheritance

One of the major causes of hair fall is based on genetics. An individual, can lose hair due to inheridity, means if a parent or close relative suffers from hair fall, they can also face this problem.

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