Environmental Factors Affecting Hair Loss

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In dessert areas (Southern United States, Africa. Middle East and Australia) sun, heat, dust, use of desalinated water and even excess use of Air-Conditiong contributes to cause hair loss.

  • Dessert climates: In dessert climate hair loss is the common complaint by both men and women from all the nations.
  • Excessive Sun-Rays: Prolonged Exposure to hot sun, dries out and fade the hair. It will turn the hair brittle and cause it to fall.
  • Desalinated water: Desalinated water dries the hair. Chlorine in deslainated water can cause hair to become brittle and break.
  • Silica in the Air: Silica cause hair to feel dry, weighs hair down and create dandruff.
  • Air-Conditioning: Air-Conditioned atmosphere is very drying, it takes away all the moistures from hair, which cause damage to hair.

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