How celebrities are overcoming hair loss?

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We have seen many actors and actresses of Hollywood overcome their hair loss. For many we do not know or there is no single place to put it all together to what they did to solve their hair loss problem. So we thought we create a post where we can put it all together and maybe will help those suffering from hair loss.

Here are some of the celebrities who are no longer that bald.

Matthew McConaughey hair loss before Matthew McConaughey hair loss after










Jude Law hair loss before Jude Law hair loss after










John Travolta hair loss 2011John Travolta hair loss 2014










Jeremy Piven hair loss before Jeremy Piven hair loss after










Chris Martin hair loss now Chris Martin hair loss before










Lets start sharing how they and many more celebrities overcame the problem of hair loss.

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I am a medical professional with over 10 years of medical experience in the clinical chemistry and medicine. I have extensive knowledge about hair loss, its causes, and treatment options both medical and non-medical. My aim is to share my knowledge with those who are suffering from hair loss and present to them the information, which can help them tackle hair loss and overcome in most cases.

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